Tapping into Animal Wisdom

Workshops are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the world of animals and nature & meeting likeminded people. 

I absolutely love to step into facilitation as soon as I feel, the horses & animals want to share something. Below you’ll find a list of upcoming workshops as well as past events. 

Upcoming Workshops


Weekend 16-17 March 2024 in St. Helena Bay
Connection through Presence & Being, a one day clinic plus individual explorations for enriching the relationship to your horse


Saturday 13 April 2024 in Agter Paarl
Connection through Presence & Being, a one day clinic at the Allemanskloof Horse Sanctuary

Animal Communication

Saturday 27 April 2024 at The Center Noordhoek
Animal Communication Workshop suitable for beginners and all animal lovers, one day in person and additional online class


September 2024 at The Center Noordhoek
Conscious & practical guidance on how to engage with this important rite of passage in your animal’s life


All year round
A group experience in nature to tap into the power of aligning with the present moment and its innate wisdom

Plan a clinic /workshop at your yard

Do you wish to host a workshop or clinic at your yard? That’s wonderful.

I am always aiming for an enriching experience and there are quite a few things to consider. This little process will make it easier for us to start the conversation.


Past Workshops & Teachings

Animal Communication for Beginners

27 April 2024 at The Center in Noordhoek, Cape Town
plus additional online class

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Animal Death, ageing & dying

The Center in Noordhoek, Cape Town
27 January 2024


Nature*Sense Online Series

July – October 2023


Animal Communication weekend

Noordhoek & Tokai, Cape Town
6 -7 May 2023


Whispering with Horses

Noordhoek, Cape Town
22 – 23 October 2022

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Langverwagt Stables, Kuils River
3 September 2022

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animal communication for horse guardians

Noordhoek, Cape Town
21 – 22 May 2022  

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Equiessence Yard in Tokai, Cape Town
20 -21 Nov 2021 + 12 Feb 2022

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Constantia View Stables, Cape Town
17 October 2021

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Workshop Barn Talk

The workshop was a purely magical experience and deeply humbling. Anne has an incredible way of imparting her invaluable skills and knowledge to different kinds of personalities. If you are an animal and Nature lover and are seeking for a way to reconnect yourself with Earth’s roots, I strongly recommend you to attend her next workshop! Anne is such a beautiful human being inside-out with a genuine soul. She is incredibly down to Earth (excuse the pun), kind and has a very good sense of humour! Cannot recommend her enough!

Thank you for facilitating an extraordinary workshop this weekend. I enjoyed it so much. The spaces that we were invited into on both days are so beautiful and that in itself was such a privilege to be a part of. I certainly learned a great deal and experienced many things which I have never even considered possible.

What a beautiful weekend immersed in the magical world of animal communication. It was so much more though… it was an exploration of self-confidence, intuition and trust. Listening to the inner voice within all of us that so often gets ignored. This invaluable skill can be applied in so many areas of life, not just to communication with animals. Anne’s gentle guidance encouraged us all to step out of our comfort zone at times but in a safe space with no judgements. There is validity to everything we say and feel, it’s all about perspective. Thank you Anne, for sharing your gift and your wisdom. We all took away some very valuable insights into ourselves and our beloved horses.

Dear Anne, you offer such an invaluable experience and opportunity with your workshops. Thank you for sharing your gifts, insight and guidance. Your Animal Communication workshop was so enjoyable – from the stunning surroundings, the peaceful atmosphere, to discovering the magic of our abilities to truly connect. I’ve been reading about and researching animal communication for a while but felt quite out of my depth and unsure. However, attending your workshop confirmed that this skill is so real, awesome and within us all. I am inspired and encouraged to continue learning and growing. Thank you, and Rohan!

Big big thank you. Your course surpassed my expectations and it was absolutely wonderful. From you as the facilitator who held the group together so beautifully, to the venue, to the food, to the vibe amongst everybody. I highly recommend the course for anyone, not only for communicating with animals, but also for you as a person. it helps ground you as a person. it is great for growing as a person. it was absolutely fantastic, thank you so much. 

Thank you again so much for such an awesome magical weekend …! Am telling all my horsie friends how much I enjoyed it! Everyone  did so so well it was truly awesome! Big big thank you to Rohan and Silhouette … so so grateful to you and your magical horsies for your teachings. Things I didn’t know were possible 

One big thing I really have learned is, I can no longer say to myself anymore… “I can’t hear animals speak” . Because if I did, I would be lying to myself. 

Words are few to describe what I have experienced…thank you for the blessing of knowledge and meeting amazing humans..Anne you add value to life and I appreciate you so much for that … Thank you for introducing us to this is kind world that does exist…

I was very inspired by Anne and her intuitive ability with animals. Then she blew my mind by showing me that I can pick up messages too! I enjoyed the lovely forest venue and the peaceful vibe of the weekend. Well worth attending.

For awhile now I have been too busy with studies, just trying to stay afloat atop the fast-paced wave of life, that my love for horses sadly had to be put on pause. This weekend workshop, however, was a powerful and beautiful reminder to me of how incredible these gentle creatures really are. It was a much welcome pause where I could be fully present and allow myself to just be. It was so refreshing to also be surrounded by so many likeminded individuals and I left on the last day with tears of happiness knowing I was finally starting to find my people.


To see the tremendous amount of love and compassion Anne has for the horses was amazing. I am in awe of how she connects with each of them on such a deep and personal level. Thank you for being a voice and for seeing the often misunderstood yet gentle beings we don’t afford ourselves the opportunity to truly get to know. The messages you shared resonated so much with me and I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow my understanding of these healing methods. It is such valuable and important work and it makes me happy that you are paving the way towards having much healthier connections with the beautiful souls, our horses, that we have the honour to share life with.

Hi Anne – thanks for the most wonderful two days… I didn’t want it to end, it was such a special time… thank you 😘

The workshop with Anne was such a lovely experience, allowing us to broaden our understanding of the relationships we have with these magnificent animals in an accepting and supportive environment. This truly special approach to horsemanship was taught by the most wonderful teacher, Anne, whose lovely and open demeanour made the experience that much more enjoyable.

We began the day listening to Anne’s friendly and relatable tales and explanations, before moving onto a peaceful bodywork session. Anne’s teachings reminded us to be appreciative of these wonderful animals and the sacrifices they make on a daily basis in order to fulfill our needs – which is often something we take for granted as horse riders and handlers. This workshop is definitely something that I would highly recommend.

I loved my time spent with Anne on the Conscious Bodywork weekend. I usually find courses and groups of people exhausting, but I came away feeling grounded and calm. The course is a perfect introduction to a complex topic but Anne managed to make it accessible and within all of our reach. Our horses loved the bodywork as well. I would definitely do a follow up course if there was one on offer!