ageing & dying

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Conscious & practical guidance on how to engage with this important rite of passage in your animal’s life

This workshop is an opportunity to gently start integrating ageing, death and dying as natural phases of Life. 

My view has been influenced by personal experiences, inspirations and trainings from death doulas and through many direct experiences with animals & their humans in my role as animal communicator. Having had the privilege of experiencing their view & voice on ageing, dying, death and beyond has been profound and if I may say, also deeply comforting.

Being able to be fully present to your animal’s last chapter is a true gift


As animal guardian, we will face this important transition probably more than once in our lives. And as sad as that is, it is also a huge blessing. Because animals allow us to practice death and all it entails. 

We are living in a culture where Death is not necessarily integrated, talked about or part of Life. So it is our responsibility to prepare, investigate, read and be curious about Death. We too are in a mortal body and our day will come. That is a fact. End of Life is an important rite of passage and being able to stay centered and present to another being’s process is a true blessing. 

In my experience, the process of ageing and a body’s preparation for death carries huge gifts, blessings and wisdom. So when we cultivate the ability to be with that and see it for what it is, we can be present to these profound moments of connection and wisdom. This takes some preparation though, on a practical level as well as emotional and spiritual level. 

Yes, loosing our beloved animals (and humans) is incredibly sad and grief seems to be the other side of love. But Death doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Being prepared, as much as this is possible of course, may allow us to stay in our heart; it allows us to not be carried away by our mind and emotions of guilt or fear but to witness this rite of passage in another being as an incredible teaching moment between yourself, your animal and the Spirit.

Guidance & Insights in this workshop:

Who this course is best suited for

Any animal guardian of pets, horses or farm animals, interested in providing conscious & loving care to their ageing or dying animals

Any animal guardian of passed away animals who wishes to find closure for certain aspects of the relationship

Any animal guardian being curious about this natural phase of Life, as a preparation for “when the time comes”

Course Info & all you need to know



An approx. three hour workshop including information sharing, teachings from the animals, practical guidance, introduction to ritual & gentle group exploration exercises 

Location: The Center Noordhoek – find on Google Maps (parking available)

Date & Time: new dates will be posted soon – 10am to 1:30pm



The day includes tea, coffee, water & snacks

Standard workshop package: R 500  
for your participation at the workshop

Premium workshop package: R 1300 
Workshop experience
PLUS an individual communication & consultation with your animal or passed away animal after this workshop. We’ll find a time and date together. Online or in person (Cape Peninsula only) 

A 50% deposit secures your spot.

Workshop Chatter of previous experiences

The workshop was so lovely – with a lovely group of people, lots of info I hadn’t thought of – and just really well organised. Thank you

The workshop was a purely magical experience and deeply humbling. Anne has an incredible way of imparting her invaluable skills and knowledge to different kinds of personalities. If you are an animal and Nature lover and are seeking for a way to reconnect yourself with Earth’s roots, I strongly recommend you to attend her next workshop! Anne is such a beautiful human being inside-out with a genuine soul. She is incredibly down to Earth (excuse the pun), kind and has a very good sense of humour! Cannot recommend her enough!

Thank you for facilitating an extraordinary workshop this weekend. I enjoyed it so much. The spaces that we were invited into on both days are so beautiful and that in itself was such a privilege to be a part of. I certainly learned a great deal and experienced many things which I have never even considered possible.

What a beautiful weekend immersed in the magical world of animal communication. It was so much more though… it was an exploration of self-confidence, intuition and trust. Listening to the inner voice within all of us that so often gets ignored. This invaluable skill can be applied in so many areas of life, not just to communication with animals. Anne’s gentle guidance encouraged us all to step out of our comfort zone at times but in a safe space with no judgements. There is validity to everything we say and feel, it’s all about perspective. Thank you Anne, for sharing your gift and your wisdom. We all took away some very valuable insights into ourselves and our beloved horses.

Words are few to describe what I have experienced…thank you for the blessing of knowledge and meeting amazing humans..Anne you add value to life and I appreciate you so much for that … Thank you for introducing us to this is kind world that does exist…

Big big thank you. Your course surpassed my expectations and it was absolutely wonderful. From you as the facilitator who held the group together so beautifully to the vibe amongst everybody. I highly recommend the course for anyone, not only for communicating with animals, but also for you as a person. it helps ground you as a person. it is great for growing as a person. it was absolutely fantastic, thank you so much.