Animal Communication

Enriching animal-human Connections

Animals are magnificent beings which were aligned with us humans to teach us, to walk life next to us, to be truly seen by us. If we pay attention to all the stepping stones on our path together, we can find puzzle pieces of deep wisdom into ourselves. 

I love facilitating this conversation between animals & their humans. I have dedicated my work to enriching the relationship to your animal & to yourself through practical, down-to-earth guidance. And if you are looking for a sense of wonder and magic, you’ll find it in here too. 

More Info especially for:


Explore our horses' world and wisdom from their point of view & enjoy the magic of these sessions


Learn from your pets and listen to their view on life & wisdom


Preparing yourself and your animal for its final days on Earth & beyond

How does a booking work?

First of all, you’ll be sending me a booking form which gives you the opportunity to note down any questions for the communication as well as to provide some valuable background information. 

I will then send you a confirmation email with an invoice and a few suggestions for an appointment. As soon as we have found a date and time which works for both of us, you’ll have access to the zoom link on the set date. 

Before we chat, I’ll be connecting with your animal using the photograph you provided. This allows me the quiet time and focus to really tune into your animal and your questions. As with every good conversation, time is a wonderful way to really open up to the depths of the other being and for feeling into the questions. Especially if things are a bit hidden (like trauma) or difficult (like certain behaviour), this time upfront is critical for me to get to know your animal. I usually take 60 minutes for this connection – mostly directly before our appointment, but sometimes also a day before. It depends on the animal

Then it is time for you and I to chat (via video meeting) and I will share all insights and downloads from your animal.  Of course you’ll have the opportunity to ask more questions as we go along, I will be connected to your animal’s energy the entire time. Our chat is setup for an hour. But we see what is needed. 

And lastly on a formal note: with each booking, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Disclaimer

Session Duration & Pricing

The rate for a communication is R950 for South African residents. The zoom call is about 60 minutes. Please check here for international rates and sessions.

The recording will be shared with you, as well as useful links, resources and material which came up during our session.

A session includes: