Healing Sessions

Bodywork, Communication & Presence

Balance – a key to Health & Happiness

A balanced nervous system is the key to a calm & safe horse. A system, which can regulate between flight, fright, fight and relaxation. A system calm enough to respond to the environment, instead of re-acting out of patterning and trauma. 

I have seen over & over that we tend to settle when it comes to our horse’s behaviour e.g. he is just spooky or she can’t stand still. The question always is: Really? Is it a behaviour or a personality trait? Behaviour is feedback, often based on discomfort or confusion. Whereas personality is more of the real horse. But with a lot of behaviour comes a distorted and often misunderstood personality. 

So who is your horse really and where could you go together if we tackle your blockages?

Especially when you are looking at ex-racehorses & highly sensitive horses, behaviour & personality are far apart. Only after healing trauma and normalising the horse’s nervous system, can we see who is really within that beautiful body. And what we can discover is often beyond our wildest dreams. 

Why book?

If your horse shows strong behaviour and/or you no longer feel safe in your relationship to your horse, then this type of work will strongly support you. 

The aim of these sessions is to (re-)introduce balance, relaxation and calmness into the horse’s life, so that the body & mind can cope with the demands of a domesticated horse. I found that horses often forget how to release tension & stress and instead absorb stress into their bodies. Over time, there is too much tension in the system and the stress level shows itself through illness, pain, strong behaviour, non-performance or accidents. And of course, this means horses often become unsafe, which has a profound effect on the relationship. 

By allowing the horse to (re-)learn these natural releasing mechanisms, we reduce tension and allow the horse to be healthy and balanced. Only a balanced horse can show its true character and personality. And only then can your horse be a safe and reliable partner. 

How does a Session work?

In a nutshell, I am practicing a very gentle modality which allows the horse to be present within its body & underlying emotions. Through absolute presence, light touch, intuitive communication and responses from the horse, I am able to facilitate physical, mental and emotional releases – often for horse and guardian. On occasion, I might feel the need to incorporate some form of mobilisation or movement in order to further establish relaxation in all paces (Relaxation-based Groundwork). When working together over a period of time, I will also teach you powerful relaxation exercises so you can become your horse’s own therapist.

A holistic Treatment

A session will offer your animal the opportunity to release physical tension positively impacting muscles and fascia & to release emotional tension & trauma, which is often the key component behind any physical challenge. Nothing exists in isolation and the power of this work is the ability to tap into the bigger field: to explore reasons behind the tensions.

As part of the communication & healing, the sessions will explore:

The Beauty of Your Relationship

Any session will always have a focus on your relationship to your horse and both your life paths. The way humans and horses relate to each other is a critical component of my work and I love to facilitate the teaching moments which the horses will bring up for their humans. Be it a conversation about the style of horsemanship you can explore together, a story from the past which needs to be acknowledged or the vision for the future. The calmness of these sessions often brings an enormous amount of clarity for your relationship, even (or maybe especially) in times of great distress.

Session Duration & Pricing

Sessions are approx. 60 minutes – 750 R

Detailed feedback will always be shared with you and my clients know that am always available for them via WhatsApp if questions arise after a session. 

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The Power of Healing & Conscious connections

Regular energy- and bodywork will transform both the horse and the relationship between horse and guardian. When horses feel heard, empowered to work with the practitioner and encouraged to share their needs & wisdom, they become more and more expressive around their requirements.

Over time, and depending on the complexity of layers, you will see the horse shifting towards a more balanced version of him/herself. A truly rewarding journey for a horse and their person.


Benefits include:

Please note that this modality is not a substitution for veterinary care. It is always good to inform your trusted vet of any additional treatments so that we can collaborate in the best interests of your horse.