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Nurturing your Intuition through communication with Animals, Nature & Life

Our world is a magical place and if you open your heart to all experiences of Life, you’ll be living in a world of wonder. At the same time, our world is also full of distractions, challenges and discomforts. But even then, all answers are always available – inside of us.

“Where energy flows, energy goes”, they say. So what do you wish to nurture? 

This course offers a small number of participants the opportunity to connect deeper into the magic of their intuition. We’ll explore the energetic fields of animal communication, intuitive nature connections, contemplation and guided meditations.

It is a course for anyone seeking to regularly practice their intuitive skills & strengthening their bond with Life in general. This is a deeply magical journey into our perception, our intuition and into our inner & outer worlds. 

Topics we’ll be exploring in these classes

Each class will focus on a different theme and whilst I have setup a structure for this online series, it could be that the group dynamic shifts us into different topics than originally anticipated. We are essentially all co-creating Life together and I love to leave openness for what naturally unfolds within the group. 

In each class, we’ll explore some teachings before diving into practical experiences. 

Our pool of topics: 

– Styles of connection – exploring your intuitive vibe & language
– Living with humans – from the animal’s perspective
– Roots & belonging
– Dying & death
– The afterlife – animals in spirit
– Wildlife wisdom & perspectives 
– The life & wisdom of trees

Who this course is best suited for

Please note this is not a beginners course and we won’t cover the basics on how to connect with your intuition and animals. But if any of the below tickles your heart, you are in the right place.

You are a student of animal communication and have attended a beginners course with me or any other teacher. 

You are naturally intuitive and feel ready for the next step in your relationship with animals and nature.

You wish to enhance your intuition and trust your inner guidance even more.

You wish to incorporate your intuition more into your daily life.

You are curious what life has to offer beyond the 5 senses. 

Course Info & all you need to know



5 group Zoom classes, duration 2 hours each
1 individual mentoring session with each participant
WhatsApp group for check-ins and guidance 
Home assignments to keep you connected to your practice

All classes will be recorded and shared with you

Location: online via Zoom video conferencing

Language: English

Timezone: CET / SAST (UTC +2)

Group size:  max. 6 participants

Date for first class:  Saturday, 8 July 2023 at 11am SAST

Timeframe: July – October 2023
Saturday mornings / alternatively weekdays at 6pm 
We’ll schedule any further appointments together so we find a date which works for all of us. There will be approx. 2 classes per month 



3800 R (South African residents) / 280 EUR (international)
Full payment secures your spot and sets the energetic tone for your commitment

or Send a WhatsApp

please share a little bit about your intuitive journey up to this point. Thank you 

Workshop Barntalk

The workshop was a purely magical experience and deeply humbling. Anne has an incredible way of imparting her invaluable skills and knowledge to different kinds of personalities. If you are an animal and Nature lover and are seeking for a way to reconnect yourself with Earth’s roots, I strongly recommend you to attend her next workshop! Anne is such a beautiful human being inside-out with a genuine soul. She is incredibly down to Earth (excuse the pun), kind and has a very good sense of humour! Cannot recommend her enough!

Thank you for facilitating an extraordinary workshop this weekend. I enjoyed it so much. The spaces that we were invited into on both days are so beautiful and that in itself was such a privilege to be a part of. I certainly learned a great deal and experienced many things which I have never even considered possible.

What a beautiful weekend immersed in the magical world of animal communication. It was so much more though… it was an exploration of self-confidence, intuition and trust. Listening to the inner voice within all of us that so often gets ignored. This invaluable skill can be applied in so many areas of life, not just to communication with animals. Anne’s gentle guidance encouraged us all to step out of our comfort zone at times but in a safe space with no judgements. There is validity to everything we say and feel, it’s all about perspective. Thank you Anne, for sharing your gift and your wisdom. We all took away some very valuable insights into ourselves and our beloved horses.

Words are few to describe what I have experienced…thank you for the blessing of knowledge and meeting amazing humans..Anne you add value to life and I appreciate you so much for that … Thank you for introducing us to this is kind world that does exist…

Dear Anne, you offer such an invaluable experience and opportunity with your workshops. Thank you for sharing your gifts, insight and guidance. Your Animal Communication workshop was so enjoyable – from the stunning surroundings, the peaceful atmosphere, to discovering the magic of our abilities to truly connect. I’ve been reading about and researching animal communication for a while but felt quite out of my depth and unsure. However, attending your workshop confirmed that this skill is so real, awesome and within us all. I am inspired and encouraged to continue learning and growing. Thank you, and Rohan!

Big big thank you. Your course surpassed my expectations and it was absolutely wonderful. From you as the facilitator who held the group together so beautifully to the vibe amongst everybody. I highly recommend the course for anyone, not only for communicating with animals, but also for you as a person. it helps ground you as a person. it is great for growing as a person. it was absolutely fantastic, thank you so much.