Old Age, Dying & Death

A time for compassionate connections with our animals

Preparing yourself and your animal for its final chapter on this Earth can be an incredibly rich experience, providing support, closure and an even deeper connection. Times of grief and sadness can be close to holiness and they don’t have to be overwhelming.

Animals generally don’t fear Death, but they often worry about the emotions of their guardians at the time of passing.

We are living in a culture where Death is not necessarily integrated, talked about or part of Life. So it is our responsibility to prepare, investigate, read and be curious about Death. We too are in a mortal body and our day will come. That is a fact. 

Animals almost allow us to practice Death, a huge gift. They are close to our heart and generally don’t share the same life expectancy as us. So how do we do this well? 

I found that preparation helps. The day of the passing and leading up to it is still a hard time and we all don’t quite know how strong the emotions will be. So giving yourself the opportunity to wrap your mind and heart around the inevitable is a kind way of facing this special time in our lives.

A good death is a death with as much calmness and acceptance as possible.

End-of-Life Sessions

I offer a sacred space to prepare your animal and yourself for its final days. Be it euthanasia or a natural death.

I connect with your animal intuitively via photo or in person (Cape Peninsula only) to facilitate an honest and compassionate conversation between yourself & your animal. Having your animal’s view on things or their questions is an incredible opportunity to learn from them and to be really present in this important transition.

The session gives us the opportunity to bring up valuable matters such as: 

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Death as part of Life

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