Spiritual Guidance

Dare to Evolve with the Gene Keys

What if you were born to solve a riddle? To spend your life searching for meaning, to find out who you truly are? What if that path is the most rewarding and fulfilling there is? Well, if you believe that you have a seeker’s mindset. You want to know. You want to grow and evolve. Welcome to Life, the most adventurous riddle there is. 

Many of us, including myself have entered the path of spirituality with the illusion that the suffering will get less. Spoiler alert: it won’t. But what does change is how you engage with the drama of life. Will you falter and go into our common shadow patterns such as worry, fear, blame or anger? Or can you stand in the storm and still trust with your heart wide open – knowing that there is a sliver lining to all of Life’s experiences? 

The quest we are on is to find out what lies behind the drama and why are we here to suffer. If we remain dedicated on our path of self-inquiry, we get glimpses into the bigger picture. From that moment onwards, your life will have been transformed. 



The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are an extraordinary set of teachings, which will allow you to discover and embody your true self. By acknowledging our core shadow patterns as our reason for suffering, such as anger, fear, worry or blame, we get the opportunity to transform them into higher vibration gifts. “Every Shadow contains a Gift” is a core teaching of the Gene Keys. And it stands true. Through acceptance of what is, we’ll thrive. Leaning into our struggles and working with them is where the magic happens.

Self-realization is a path and it might take a lifetime – it most likely will. It is vibrant, deep and fulfilling. Do you dare to grow? I would be delighted to walk this path with you, as a Guide on your side – and of course as a fellow human being, trying to figure out this riddle called Life.

Inspired by the animals

Originally my appetite to guide humans into their true SELF has been deeply inspired by all communications with animals. Be it through challenges in the relationship or when it comes to working with ageing and dying animals

For a while now I felt that I needed a modality which would allow me to support the animal guardians on their life path. Yes our animals are aligned with us to grow us and mirror certain aspects back to us – opportunities for personal growths. But what I also kept feeling is that we give them back freedom, the moment we take our soul’s evolution into our own hands. That way we allow our animals and their souls to grow alongside us, and not to be the sole catalyst for our change. 

When I found the Gene Keys, I knew that this wisdom has the power to transform us deeply. Long story short, after diving into this path full heartedly in the last few years, I have decided to embark on the Gene Keys Guide Programme so I can authentically offer spiritual guidance to my fellow animal guardians and all interested humans on my path. 

New to the Gene Keys?

If you are not familiar with these teachings, there is a very simple but beautiful way to find out more. I have put together a Gene Keys resources page for ways to engage with the teachings. 

Already a Gene Keys Voyager

If you are already a voyager and are looking for your next step, am happy to be your guide on the way. Be it for a once-off session or a few more steps on your journey.  

What is a guide session

A Guide session will support you on your inner journey, no matter where you are. You might just have created a profile and would like to know more or you might be sitting with a particular challenge in your life right which calls for a different perspective. Or you might want to deep dive into a particular Gene Key. 

It is your session and I am here to support you.

This session is not a reading, it is guidance

Many modalities will give you a reading of your profile. And I’d like to jump in here right away. A Gene Keys Guidance session is not a reading. Because a reading will imply that I already know so much more about you, more than you know about yourself. And that is not in line with these teachings. 

Instead a guided Gene Key session will give you the space to discover and dig deep into your own wisdom, through contemplation, gentleness, inquiry and patience. 

As a Guide I am here to hold space, to deeply listen and to guide you to your own wisdom. I am not here to tell you who you are or what you should feel or do. Self-illumination is a powerful path and maybe the only true path. Because only when you feel the wisdom and insights coming straight from inside yourself, can you embody them. Not with the mind, but with your heart. And that’s what it is all about. To build a direct link to your soul, your heart and to the Spirit.

Of course we can dive into particular questions around a profile and the Gene Keys in general. The aim of these sessions is for you to leave with clarity for your next step and having had an experience of “inner knowing”.

Starting on the Golden path
Unlock your potential with the activation sequence

If you wish to dive into the teachings in a structured way, the Golden Path programme will be your first step. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Why are you here? What is this life of yours and how can you grow on your challenges? How can you unlock the gifts of your suffering and make sense of it all? 

The first section of the Golden Path Programme is called Activation Sequence. And essentially it will allow you to connect deeply with the following four aspects (prime gifts) of your soul’s evolution:

You can either engage with the programme all on your own, or you can book guide sessions along the way. I do offer a free guide session with the purchase of the activation sequence. Find out more below. 


Individual GUIDING Sessions – online

Individual sessions can be booked with our without any other Gene Keys products. 

A session is 60 minutes, we connect via video call. The recording will be shared with you, as well as useful links, resources and material which might come up during our session

South African residents: R 750
International: EUR 110

Celebration BUNDLE

If you purchase the Activation Sequence (or any other sequence) through me, you’ll receive an individual guiding session for free / at a discount. Both have to be purchased together and I’ll arrange for your access to the Activation Sequence. 

USD 150 plus a free individual 60 minute guiding session
*valid for South African residents

USD 200 including an individual 60 minute guiding session
*valid for all international clients