For Pets & Furry Family Members

When we listen to our animals we can learn – so much! About their view on things, life in general and of course ourselves. I always love how animals teach us to find the authentic and honest relationship not only to them, but also to ourselves. 

Animal Communication is a wonderful way to honour our intuitive part and to remind us that some things are just larger than life. A session nurtures the relationship to your pet at a very deep level in which the animal’s soul and personality are truly seen. 

And it is very practical, too. A session will give you insights & practical tips on how to further enrich your relationship and how to approach challenges. 

Topics we can explore in a session:

Session Duration & Pricing

Each session has two parts. First I will connect with your animal using a photograph. This allows me the quiet time and focus to really tune into your animal and your questions. Then you and I connect via video call where I will share all insights and you’ll have the opportunity to ask more questions. Our zoom call is setup for approx. 60 min.

The rate for a communication is R950 for South African residents

The recording will be shared with you, as well as useful links, resources and material which came up during our session

International Rates can be found here 

What can you expect?

Deeply honest conversations with your animal, filled with truthful insights, wisdom, wishes and sometimes a lot of laughter. 

We might engage once or in a series of communications so that different layers can be explored over time. Allowing the animals ongoing communication support – if needed – can take off the pressure to share & release everything at once. 

Booking Your Communication

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Please use this booking form for your passed away pet. This is a connection to animals who have already gone back Home to the Sun.