Humble Student of Nature & Life

Hello, I am anne

I am a German, living in South Africa. A life choice which has been more rewarding than I ever thought possible. I count myself so lucky to have been aligned with horses from the age of 14. At the time, I was following a standard German horse path with my first horse & schoolmaster Ankara. A lovely gelding who allowed me to explore the horse world without major difficulties. Today I realise what a gift that was. My passion was dressage and I just loved those moments when we were dancing together. 

It was only after I moved to South Africa in my late 20s, that my entire perspective & perception started to shift. On everything actually…. Over the years I came to understand a few things about Life and to this day am of course still learning. I’d say am a very dedicated student because there is so much wisdom in the mundane. 

Grace under Pressure

Having spent 15 years in high pressure business environments has taught me a lot about the world we live in and how stress and our fast paced lives are great counter-players to harmony and joy. I grew up being a DOer and you cannot image how grateful I am to have arrived once more on a more balanced BEING side. I also learnt that my chronic health condition is not against me but a true inspiration for seeking a higher understanding & broadening my view into alternative knowledge.

To speed up my learning process, a horse named Rohan aligned with our family in 2011. Rohan is my teacher and soul-horse and he asks – to this day – many questions and quite frankly I didn’t have the answers to most of them. Whatever seemed “horsie-normal” to me at the time, he questioned. Strongly! 

He challenged most of my human requirements & clearly communicated his horsie & spiritual needs, so that, over time, we could find a new balance and harmony within our relationship. And of course it had a positive impact on my health & all my relationships as well.

Conscious Animal-Human Connections

I realised then that Rohan had entered my life because he wanted me to explore a different way of BEING with & RELATING to horses, animals & all of Nature. I followed his invitation and found myself on the path of “Naturalness”.

Conscious Animal-Human Connections means seeing the animals holistically, as physical, emotional and spiritual beings – which are in relationship to you as a human and all of life. By listening and attending to the needs on all levels, deep healing and transformation is taking place. For both, human and animal – the soul contract is therefore honoured and lived. 

Furry life in South africa

I am living in Kommetjie, a quaint little seaside village on the Cape Peninsula. I am co-creating my life with my wonderful husband Oliver, our wise doggies Hobbes & Fabel, our herd of teacher horses Rivendell Rohan, Silhouette & Penny Trumpet and our beloved Smartie in Spirit. 

"Grow spiritually and the Gifts will follow"

This is the place to express my heart-felt gratitude to the many beautiful & knowledgeable human teachers & healers who are guiding me along my path. And at the same time I deeply honour my direct connection with the Spirit, the Horses & all of Nature who are continuously shepherding me into more depths & knowledge. I am so grateful.

Inspirations along the Way

Let yourself be inspired by knowledge out there but in the end you have to be courageous enough to find your own gift & wisdom in the world. This has been my path and it is my invitation to anyone I meet.

interviews in the media

Healing Horses

“Anne Scharlow uses her unique abilities of equine communication to offer therapy to horses in distress.”



Beyond horse whispering: The journey to becoming an equine healer

“Anne Scharlow is an equine healer and animal communicator who works with horses and their owners through ‘conscious horsemanship’. Through her practice, she communicates with horses to help solve behavioural problems and heal relationships with their owners.” 

DAILY MAVERICK, 25 October 2022