seeking the real self

Hold the vision, trust the process.

 The mentorship is perfect for anyone with a clear vision or a distinct challenge and who would like to be actively involved within this journey.

Be it as brought as “concent based training” or as specific as “how to go for walks without being run over.”  What is important is the commitment to a certain outcome. This can be something you want to achieve, as well as something you want to feel within the relationship to your horse.

So who is your horse really?

I have seen over & over that we tend to settle when it comes to our horse’s behaviour e.g. he is just spooky or she can’t stand still.

The question always is: Really? Is it a behaviour or a personality trait? Behaviour is feedback, often based on discomfort or confusion. Whereas personality is more of the real horse. But with a lot of behaviour comes a distorted and often misunderstood personality. 

So who is your horse really and where could you go together if we tackle your blockages?

Especially when you are looking at ex-racehorses, behaviour & personality are far apart. Only after healing trauma and normalising the horse’s nervous system, can we see who is really within that beautiful body. And what we can discover is often beyond our wildest dreams.

This is where I love to help and support you both. Being allowed to facilitate & inspire the relationship between you and your horse is something I am absolutely passionate about. And it is really the core of my work with horses & their humans: to enable both to learn from each other, to see the bigger picture behind life & to feel empowered and safe within the relationship. 

For all horse guardians, who...

Mentoring Program Format:


Individual Sessions – online

60 minutes – 750 R


100% focus on your vision and goals – online via Zoho video meeting

4 Sessions – 2700 R


Balance, the great equaliser of the Universe

How the universal law of balance can help us build natural relationships with our horses, enhancing health, harmony, ease and deep relaxation.

Animal Communication & The LANGUAGE OF LIFE

Stepping into animal communication is stepping into the language of Nature & Spirit. It is also stepping up into our own Wisdom and infinite inner Knowing. Who is up for a game of spiritual chess?