Animal Communication & the Language of Life

Stepping into animal communication is stepping into the language of Nature & Spirit. It is also stepping up into our own Wisdom and infinite inner Knowing. Who is up for a game of spiritual chess?

Animal communication or intuitively feeling into what is going on – is no longer something I do. It has become a way of life. 

And whilst life will always have its stage of drama and challenges, this way of being has shifted how I engage with it. On good days I can watch with an attitude of “interesting”, on bad days am pulled into the drama as if it was real. 

Of course it is real you might think.

Well on the good days I have come to the conclusion that it actually isn’t. But this is not something the mind can comprehend, it is a feeling of the heart.

So, coming back to my point – when you nurture your intuitive side, you’ll not only speak with animals and nature but you allow something else to emerge: Your Inner Knowing. You start to understand how Life is communicating with you, how Life is communicating through you.

In a meditation, I once got shown a chess board. 

The players are the Spirit (Universe, God, Life-force,…. your word here) and me.

Not sure if you remember the big chess game in Harry Potter. That type of vibe.

So the Spirit makes a move, powerful of course. 

And then it is up to you to make yours. 

Now, do you throw all figures in the air and kinda wanna move all of them around OR do you strategically sit back (in case you have watched The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix – time is your friend) and feel what is needed next?

The game gets harder, the better you get. 

But also, it gets more intriguing. 

The point is, the Spirit wants you to be a better player, she wants you to evolve in this lifetime. And so does your soul. You have signed up for this exact game (of Life) actually, an important fact we tend to forget. 

Can you ever win? Not sure, in any case it might take lifetimes. But winning might not be the point. Maybe the point is simply enjoying the game! 

So when something challenging happens, Her question always is: What’s your move?

And YOUR answer comes from WITHIN.

So What does that have to do with animal communication?

Everything. Because it is the same language.

Underneath all our obvious senses, there exists a field of much more information & wisdom. You find it as a resonance in your body, as a thought which comes at the right time, an inner image you see or some obvious outside sign in your physical environment. Over time you’ll know exactly how it feels within you when your innate wisdom is at play.

So all you need to do is open yourself to it, practice, explore it, trust it. And ultimately live it. Through practice with your animals and all of Life. 

It is a rewarding journey, I really have to say. 

When you start dreaming powerful stuff at night.

When you sometimes sense upfront what will happen.

When you start grasping the Beauty which is behind all of Creation. And when you start understanding that everything is always FOR YOU & no one is out to get there. 

But mostly, it is wonderful to move through life’s challenges with grace and curiosity. For me that is everyday-spirituality. It is not about rainbows and unicorns (which of course WE LOVE) but about being firmly anchored in trust, even – or especially – in intense times of upheaval. 

And sometimes I have days when things are working out beyond my wildest dreams and I find myself looking up in gratitude and telling the Spirit: Nice Move! Thank you. 


If you feel you want to be a more intuitive chess player, stay tuned for workshops or explore a session with your pet or horse. Practical, magical & life changing – I promise.  

With Love, Anne


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Anne Scharlow

Anne Scharlow, an animal communicator & healer, offers a holistic approach to helping animals and their owners achieve balance and harmony. Anne uses her unique abilities to communicate with animals to help solve behavioral problems, enrich relationships, and support overall well-being. For horses specifically, she combines her intuitive skills with bodywork and mindfulness to balance the nervous system and restore relaxation. Anne offers workshops and 1on1 sessions.