Ways to explore the teachings

The Gene Keys are a transmission and they are delivered over time. As you engage with the teachings, your outer world (life) will reflect your inner world. The more pauses you allow for contemplation, the more insights you will harvest. The Gene Keys are not understood with the mind, but with the heart. As clarity comes into your being, you will feel it deeply. This sounds a bit vague, but for now just trust me on this. We can ALWAYS feel, when we are close to Truth. 

Having a practice to make time and space to engage with the teachings in important. Our lives are busy and full and we easily tend to push aside good practices such as mediation, yoga, contemplation or pausing. This page will offer you a list of opportunities on how to engage with the teachings on a regular basis. 


New to the Gene Keys

Create your free profile 

First of all, I’d recommend that you create a FREE PROFILE and browse through the findings. Please don’t get overwhelmed by all the numbers and graphics. The Gene Keys are a path, a step by step approach and there is no need to understand everything at once. Instead the path will show itself to you in its own time and with ease and simplicity. So for now, have a look at your profile summary, listen to the audio of your Life’s Work and see if that resonates at all. 

Explore the Mini Course 

If you feel a connection or you want to know more, can sign up for the free Mini Course “NEW TO THE GENE KEYS”. This short experiential course gives you a simple introduction to the amazing world of the Gene Keys. Again, feel into it and see for yourself if there is something there. Your heart is the one to tell you. 

The Core teachings

The book containing the teachings is called Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA” and available on Amazon. I highly recommend purchasing the paperback version as it will allow you to make notes and work with the book as your journey evolves. It is one of those books you keep going back to and it will reveal more wisdom over time. 

regular Contemplations

Gene Key of the Week – an audio contemplation 

Be it input in the car or as an inspiration for your day along with your first cup of coffee: The Pulse is the weekly newsletter which will allow you to listen to the Gene Key of the week. As we move through the year, the seasons and energies change. Allowing time to align with the  bigger rhythm is a lovely and gentle practice of everyday-spirituality. 

Pausing with the Triple Flame App 

Regular pauses are a core message of the teachings. Allowing regular short pockets of space so that we can stop and BE with life for a bit. The app is an easy way to get reminded (because we do forget, right?) and has some lovely features. 

Available in the App Store and on Google Play here 

The Golden Path

If you are serious about the teachings OR if your heart simply screams YES, then you are ready to go onto the Golden Path. This path will allow you to explore your profile step by step – Gene Key by Gene Key. It is a self-teaching program with audio contemplations, meditations and beautiful supporting material. There is no rush in this process, it almost takes on its own dynamic. You just need the discipline to show up and engage with the process.

The Golden Path Program is available online and contains three parts:

Part 1: The Activation Sequence – Discover your 4 prime gifts and why you are on this planet at this point in time. This sequence also contains free videos to “test the waters”

Part 2: The Venus Sequence – Open your heart though becoming aware of your unconscious patterns

Part 3: The Pearl Sequence – Discover how to truly prosper in your life, on all levels

I highly recommend starting with Part 1 although you might be drawn to a certain key much deeper in your profile. Let this be you guiding post, but allow yourself to start in the beginning.

Gene Key Guidance on your path

What is a Guide session

A Gene Key Guide session will support you on your inner journey, no matter where you are. Be it for a particular challenge which is showing up in your life right now, a certain Gene Key you wish to explore at a deeper level or some understanding around the teachings and the profile in general. 

I am here to guide you on your journey, the journey to YOUR inner wisdom.

Find out more about a Guide Session here >>