Becoming the Student of the Horse

Accompanying humans and horses on their path to more mutual understanding and a deep connection is something I am absolutely passionate about. It fills my heart to see, how humans step into their power within the relationship and find their way (back) into heartfelt decisions and a life full of trust. 

This program is a deep immersion into Horse Consciousness and will lead you through the various layers of horses & their needs: the physical body, the emotions, the spiritual setup & life path. By exploring these layers holistically, can we gain a true understanding and deep healing is taking place. 

Key Modules

Heart-to-heart connection through animal communication & intuitive knowledge || Exploring the physical body & the nervous system || Offering gentle bodywork to our horses || Working horses correctly through Relaxation-based-Groundwork || Holistic Health || Your Lifepath with Horses & Personal Development 

Each module has a teaching & practical aspect. You will also practice further on your own horse(s) with individual assignments.


Should this tickle something inside your heart, then this is for you. Your relationship with your horse will be deeply enriched & your life will reflect a lot of Beauty. Trust me on this. I am so looking forward to connecting with you.

This apprenticeship is suitable for anyone,...

The Apprenticeship Format:

Who can participate:

Pricing & Dates

open to 4 participants

I only work with a small group sizes to make sure that the needs of the individual participants are met and that we have enough space and time for the personal development. As we dive deeper into the conscious way of being with horses, our outer & inner world shifts. Allowing the spaciousness and stretch room for this process is important.  

My encouragement is that students can exchange experiences during the modules / sessions and support each other on this wonderful learning path.  


R 11 000 per person*

inclusive of the 2 day Animal Communication workshop in October 2022 

Apprenticeship Duration:

October 2022  – Mid March 2023

*this rate includes travel for the individual sessions at your yard in the area Noordhoek + 55km

Applications are closed and the apprenticeship is fully booked. 
Feel free to email me if you wish to put your name down for any future programs.