Owl Wisdom: The Song of Balance

Listening to an owl couple during a quiet evening in our garden made me get in touch with balance, patience & honouring the feminine YIN. 

The Owl is a very significant animal for me, crossing my life path whenever big change is happening.

If you watch and listen to Owls, you’ll notice the quality of quiet, inner wisdom and the power of silence. The stare of an owl is something which still sends chills through my body, just because it is so deep. Your soul is seen.

So I am allowing myself through the Wisdom of the Owls to start this intuitive writing series on this blog. May you find the pieces insightful and meaningful in your life. 


The Song of Balance

As we sat in our garden in the evening last week, we noticed a spotted Eagle Owl couple calling in the neighborhood.

We have 2 beautiful, old trees in our garden, one of them a 100-year-old pine. She is huge and gorgeous. So I invited the Owls into our little forest and with a bit of space and time and no expectations, this is where they ended up.

I was delighted! 

The night was approaching and the sky dark. I couldn’t see anything but the silhouette of the big branches and the moon shining through the leaves. I lay on the ground, listening, and seeing with my heart.

The Owls called each other, as they do, two hoots for the male, three for the female, hers in a slightly higher pitch. 

And they asked me to observe their song. 



What I noticed is that the female often took her time to answer. There was no rhythm in her responses, other than
he calls
she answers – in her own time.

And if she took a bit longer to respond, he waited. 
He didn’t call again.
He didn’t take over.
He didn’t fly away. 
He didn’t push. 
He didn’t fill the gap. 

He allowed her the space to respond in her own time.

And she did.
He just didn’t know when. 
And he was ok with it.

In a world, where mostly males are heard …
in a world where the gap to answer has been filled with noise and clutter…
in a world where the female quality is not something we are waiting for and allowing…
In the world, we are in right now, dominated by YANG…
In that world, the Answer is YIN.

We can restore balance – with a softer approach.
And that approach starts within.

Allowing time and space for things to unfold.

Allowing patterns & structures to be flexible, in each moment again and again.  

Allowing softness in the waiting process.

And as we are at home during this time of lockdown, being pushed to retreat from our patterning and fixed structures – some of them have been established since birth … we now have a gap to wait before we answer. 

Taking the time to decide what feels ok.
In its own time. 

Intuitive choices.
Heart-felt decisions.
Whenever we feel ready to respond.

One day at a time. 
One moment at a time.
And ultimately one breath at a time.

Inhale, exhale. 


The response from that place is pure power.

With Love, Anne


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Anne Scharlow

Anne Scharlow, an animal communicator & healer, offers a holistic approach to helping animals and their owners achieve balance and harmony. Anne uses her unique abilities to communicate with animals to help solve behavioral problems, enrich relationships, and support overall well-being. For horses specifically, she combines her intuitive skills with bodywork and mindfulness to balance the nervous system and restore relaxation. Anne offers workshops and 1on1 sessions.