From Horse to Human, Heart to Heart

Every horse & human has a unique connection, but there are also themes which horses share and experience as part of animal-human relationships. This is their wisdom.

During the last 2 months, I dedicated time to build an even stronger link to my intuition, well actually to Magic… -through Animal Communication. I engaged in a formal & structured approach to add some substance, belief and practice to this intuitive ability which I have been exploring for a few years. Where energy goes, energy flows. 

The beautiful Kate Muller mentored me on 10 case studies, which brought 9 wonderful horses and 1 lovely doggie into my life. 

All stories have touched my heart deeply and awakened a sense of true connection in the animals’ guardians.

Every horse-human pair had a unique story and at the same time, there have been general themes that the horses encourage me to share with all of you. These messages are not only for horsemen but seem to be a recipe for being better humans, too. Enjoy.


From Horse to Human – Heart to Heart

We are more connected to you than you think we are. 

What are you set out to be in this lifetime?
Follow your path and allow us to do the same.

Look at us, connect from soul to soul.
Can you see, why we were matched so perfectly?
Can you see the magic in our union? 

Any emotion you are aware of in yourself, I don’t have to mirror or playback to you.
So be honest with yourself. You’ll see it directly reflected in our relationship.

Be open to learning more horse, so we can understand human more easily.

Let’s be equal partners. Let’s explore joy, kindness, and laughter. 
Don’t take everything so seriously. Laugh more often.
And yes, playtime totally counts.

Simplicity is key. 
How much structure, tack, and tools do you really need?
Is there something you can strip away?
Can we find a more connected way of being together?  

Dare to look beyond the social conditioning, fears, and worries.
Journey deep within, as within the silence everything is clear.

There is a different way of being with horses. 
Our Unique Way.

Build on a foundation of trust and where our decisions are made together.

Advice is valuable, but don’t give away your power & your inner knowing.
Trust your intuition, cherish the direct link to your heart, and nurture your own wisdom.  

If in doubt, go inwards. Do less, Be more. Listen.
If you need help, ask us.

We are here.
To Everything.

Every single moment holds the potential for peace and happiness. 


With Love, the horses & me

Image credit: Vivien Bendlin


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Anne Scharlow, an animal communicator & healer, offers a holistic approach to helping animals and their owners achieve balance and harmony. Anne uses her unique abilities to communicate with animals to help solve behavioral problems, enrich relationships, and support overall well-being. For horses specifically, she combines her intuitive skills with bodywork and mindfulness to balance the nervous system and restore relaxation. Anne offers workshops and 1on1 sessions.